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OAAP 2017 Conference Keynote Speaker Tim Cork

Tim Cork's latest book, G3

Tim Cork's latest book, G3: The Gift of You, Leadership, and Netgiving

We are thrilled to announce that our Keynote at this conference will be York alumnus Tim Cork (BA '81) — celebrated author, master motivator and world-class speaker.

Tim’s career spans 25 years in the hi-tech, commercial real estate and communications industries where he held progressively senior positions both nationally and internationally with companies like Xerox, Regus, SkyDome and TCS Telecom. He has over 83,000 hours in leadership roles.

Tim is currently the President of Straight A’s Inc., an international provider of leadership development, coaching and sales training. He is a sought after speaker and has been published in numerous magazines and papers. Known as “The Networking Guru” by The Globe and Mail and Breakfast Television and “The Career Guru” by the Toronto Star and Huffington Post, he educates, entertains and shares his wisdom with thousands every year.

Tim lives in Toronto with his wife and has two children. He uses his name as an acronym for his purpose in life which is to Touch, Inspire and Move people to act on their passions and goals. His first bestselling book, Tapping the Iceberg, focuses on getting "Straight A’s" (Attitude, Aptitude, & Action) in life through unleashing your possibilities. His new book, G3, focuses on being the best You, Leadership and Netgiving. Tim is on many boards and spends countless hours giving to the Corporate world and his community.